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Roadside Attraction - Rumpalicious Booty Shaker

from Raising A Rockus by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction



This song is about that night club that you always hear about, but no one you know has ever been too. A seedy place where the beats pump hard and the dance floor is full of sweaty, horny people. A place where the darkest corners hold the naughtiest vices of the flesh. And, at the door, is our protagonist inviting you in for the time of your life. Will you go?


Come on inside
There ain’t no charge now
We want to see you here
The cover’s optional my dear
Do I make myself clear?
We got the stuff to get you high
Won’t you come on in?
Chemicals are false my dear
It’s more like original sin
Back in the corner the freaks get freaky
Out on the floor the love gets high
DJ plays the beats that free me
Baby won’t you come inside?
The Rumpalicious Booty Shaker

Take your shoes off
Let your hair down
Take those drawers off
Make a love sound

Verse 2
Welcome welcome
Don’t be shy
Let me take your hand
This sure ain’t no dead man’s party
So bring that body in
Your gonna want to do things
You wouldn’t even do alone
We’re gonna do some things to you
Gonna make you scream and moan
Come on shake what ya momma gave you
Leave inhibition far behind
Do what your body tells you to do
Oh yeah baby, you’re my kind
Of Rumpalicious Booty Shaker


White boys can’t funk

Let’s pretend that we break up
So we can make up
And I got some slack that you can take up
Like the purple one said when he got in your head
And on top of the bed
Ain’t no one else around
I tie you with a blindfold, gagged and bound
I don’t mind
Cuz it’s all about sex
And lovin’ this life and the next
That’s my cosmic talk
You don’t think I’m hard?
It ain’t bizarre
Just watch me play this guitar
Guitar Solo

Everybody up in the place
Get up in my face
Get up in my face


from Raising A Rockus, released September 1, 2007




Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction Milpitas

Phil Johnson is a man who gets mistaken for a woman, but only by those not paying attention. That revelation kicks off a battle for self-awareness where comedy and music are the weapons of choice. It’s a battle that has taken Phil to such esteemed festivals as the Edinburgh Fringe and Sundance Film Festivals and the Top 8 Finals of the World Series of Comedy. ... more


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